NFC Quality Policy

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Policy

The management of NFC believes in achieving customer satisfaction through achieving high level of Quality of its products and services. NFC as an organization is committed to develop and implement management systems based on best practices and international standards related to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment. Management ensures safety and wellbeing of NFC employees is held as core values to impress the critical importance of these measures. The management of NFC including CEO, Senior Management, Department Heads and Junior Management are committed to achieve excellence in QHSE by ensuring that:

  •   Management provides resources to comply with QHSE policy and procedures.

  •   Required training and awareness regarding QHSE practices are provided to their employees.

  •   A Safe & Healthy work environment is available to all employees.

  •   All Employees exercise personal responsibility in implementing standards by maintaining and refining all necessary job skills related to their position.

  •   Risk Assessments and Reporting procedures regarding incidents are implemented.

  •   Quality of work is improved through regular management system audits

  •   Pollution is strictly eliminated or minimized to the lowest degree to reduce adverse impact on environment.

  •   Targets are established through measurement and refinement of HSE performance to ensure continual improvement.

  •   Applicable local laws & international standards related to QHSE are met or exceeded in standard.

  •   QHSE management continually drives towards improvement in all aspects.