K-9 Security

NFC K-9 Security

National Fuel Corporation, Ltd. (NFC) has a K9 Security detail in our facilities. NFC management made this decision to safeguard our facilities and to ensure no explosives enters them. NFC has a seasoned cadre of Kennel Masters and K9 Trainers that conduct continued training for our K9 Teams. We use a state of the Art set of training aids to ensure our K9 Security Teams are ready for all contingencies.
(We have dog teams trained for Explosive Detection, Narcotics Detection, and Patrol activities). Qualified Kennel Masters & Trainers manage NFC's K9 Security program. Between our staff, they have over 65 years of combined experience. The K9 Security management team prides itself on always delivering professional service to add this extra layer of security that protects National Fuels Corporation's property, staff and assets.