Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct & Business Ethics

For National Fuel Corporation, as well as our employees, reputation is everything. At National Fuel Corp, our reputation as an answerable, customer focused company and a respected corporate citizen is not given, but National Fuel Corp earns it daily. Our success is driven by realizing our customer's business goals, and equally important is the way we achieve them. Our customers and clients trust us to deliver business results with the expectation that we do so in an ethical, responsible manner. Ethical violations at any level in the organization can quickly destroy that trust and confidence. Every employee works toward continuing to earn the trust placed in us by our clients. Our Code of Conduct governs National Fuel Corp business practices around the world. National Fuel Corp believes firmly in continuing to improve upon a strong ethical foundation. We adhere to and comply with laws and regulations in the countries where we live and work. Our success is dependent on a strong moral and ethical foundation.

Our Mission

The mission of National Fuel Corporation is to excel in all business ventures, through sound business decisions, dedication and commitment, quality and motivation of management and staff, strategic planning, local and foreign market knowledge, along with continuous development and a clear vision for the future.

Our Vision

Our vision at National Fuel Corporation is to bring the world’s best experience and professionalism to our customers with superior quality and services. We strive to be the premier organization operating locally and internationally and to provide a complete range of exceptional customer service and products.